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The SPAL Group produced a total revenue of more than 500 millions euro.

Spal automotive

SPAL AUTOMOTIVE S.r.l.: Established in 1959, SPAL is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance electric fans and blowers for use in HVAC vehicle systems and oil/engine cooling systems.

Spal tlc

SPAL TLC S.p.A.: Towards the end of the Eighties, SPAL entered the mobile phone distribution market and in 1999 reinforced its presence in the telecommunication market by becoming a partner of "Wind" in the distribution of mobile and fixed line for the Consumer and Corporate markets - a successful business partnership which continues today. SPAL by means of its own logistic organization and call center service is able to manage and support more than 3000 retail locations all over the country.

Spal automotive

SPAL ACCESSORIES DIVISION: In 1985 SPAL Aftermarket division introduced a wide range of accessories for the car market, such as power windows, security alarms and cruise controls, aimed at optimising vehicle comfort and upgrading safety. Design, Quality and Advanced Technology enables SPAL Aftermarket products to be installed successfully on all types of vehicles.


THD S.r.l.: Manufactures and markets a comprehensive line for the treatment of hemorrhoids and colorectal pathologies.


G.F. S.r.l.: Manufactures and markets products for garden, irrigation and car washing.