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Spal worldwide

The Spal team and our international presence

Spal is committed to work on a global scale with subsidiaries in 6 countries.
The location of subsidiaries around the world have played a crucial role in the distribution and marketing of Spal products. Customer service and distribution centers are located in direct proximity to our customers and therefore Spal continues to expand this global presence vigorously.
Manufacturers and the market are demanding increasingly complex tasks and are requesting highly integrated systems. This trend represents an opportunity for Spal to gain access to new markets for exhaust technology, as well as for vehicle-heating systems. We will pursue these opportunities energetically in mature markets such as Europe and United States as well as in emerging regions such as China, India and Russia.

USA Brasil UK Italy Russia India China

HEADQUARTERS SPAL - Design and manufacturing site
Via per Carpi n. 26/B
42015 Correggio (RE)
Web Site: www.spalautomotive.com
General E-mail: info@spalautomotive.com

SPAL USA - Sales office and warehouse
1731 SE Oralabor Road
Ankeny, IA 50021
Web Site: www.spalusa.com
General E-mail: info@spalusa.com

SPAL CHINA - Sales office and warehouse
Floor 2, Building 3, No. 253 Ai Du Road,
Wai Gao Qiao Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai
200131, P.R.China
Web Site: www.spal-china.com
E-mail: sales@spal-china.com

SPAL DO BRASIL - Sales office and warehouse
Rua Periperi, 162
047060-060 - São Paulo
(SP) - Brasil
Web Site: www.spalbrasil.com
E-mail: info@spalbrasil.com

SPAL AUTOMOTIVE UK - Sales office and warehouse
Unit 3 Great Western Business Park
McKenzie Way, Tolladine Road
WR4 9PT Worcester - Great Britain
Web Site: www.spalautomotive.co.uk
E-mail: sales@spalautomotive.co.uk

SPAL RUS LLC - Sales office and warehouse
Avenue Sofiyskaya 66, liter A.
192289 Sankt-Petersburg - RUSSIA
Web site: www.spalrus.com
E-mail: info@spalrus.com

PEE AAR EXIM (P) LTD. - Sales office and warehouse
B-42, Sector 63
Noida, 201301 (U.P.) - India
Web site: www.paeipl.com
E-mail: md@peeaar.com

SPAL Italy supervises directly France (info.france@spal.com) and Germany (info.germany@spal.com) markets with dedicated SPAL people.